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Oxygen initiated in Auderghem
A new residential project was set in motion yesterday in the southern Brussels commune of Auderghem. Oxygen, a Besix RED development, will see a former office tower demolished and replaced by a complex of 89 apartments from studio to 3-bedroom. Totalling 11,000 m², this project is located alongside the Auderghem Cultural Centre, facing on to the Boulevard du Souverain. ...
| 27/04/2017

First Aquilis building inaugurated
Eaglestone and Atradius have just inaugurated the first phase of the Aquilis project in Namur. The first building is the 5,600 m² Atradius building (BREEAM Very Good), which will house the association’s 250 employees under a 16-year lease agreement. The entire Aquilis site extends to 3.2 hectares, and was bought by Eaglestone in 2012. Permits were obtained at ...
| 26/04/2017

Brussels a top investment location - Savills
Savills Investment Management is reporting that the Brussels office market is one of Europe’s top investment choices. Savills IM’s Research & Strategy Flash Note on Brussels offices highlights the city’s central business district office market as an attractive investment real estate opportunity. Savills points to the dropping vacancy level, which in the CBD is at around the 5-6% mark, and ...
| 24/04/2017

Quatuor deal good news for North District
As plans to re-stimulate the North District continue to be formulated, there has been a major pre-let announced by Befimmo. In March, the developer announced that it had come to an agreement with Beobank for the take-up of one of the towers of Quatuor. This would see the bank taking up 22,000 m², or roughly a third of the ...
| 18/04/2017

Ceusters buys Devimo Consult
There has been a substantial consolidation in the shopping centre management world in Belgium. The Hugo Ceusters group, based in Antwerp, has taken over Brussels-based Devimo Consult, a subsidiary of AG Real Estate. The new enterprise will be market leader in Belgium by some considerable margin, in terms of shopping centre management. The Hugo Ceusters-SCMS group already had 12 shopping ...
| 12/04/2017

Louise Center changes hands
A major transaction has taken place in the Louise district of Brussels. NAMI – AEW Europe has announced that it has acquired the Louise Center office building on the avenue of the same name, on behalf of OPCI Franceurope Immo. The building was previously owned by Axa Investment Managers, and the sale price is reported to be around €54 ...
| 11/04/2017

More details of Realty
Artexis has released some more details about events which will feature at this year’s ‘Realty’, taking place at Tour & Taxis next month. Firstly, the keynote seminar from professional association UPSI will be on the subject of Europe’s largest urban reconversion project, Hafen City in Hamburg. An interview with the association’s Olivier Carrette on the reasons for this choice, will ...
| 07/04/2017

RE Project in the News
Brussels Airport, 1930 Zaventem

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On March 28th, the new BREEAM environmental certification scheme for new constructions – BREEAM INTERNATIONAL NEW CONSTRUCTION 2016 (NC 2016) – replaced the previous scheme which had been used by the market for three years. As a continuation of BREEAM International NC 2013, it now completes the range of certifications with BREEAM INTERNATIONAL REFURBISHMENT AND FIT-OUT (RFO 2015) for the renovation and fit-out of buildings, launched last year. Our team of assessors has taken a close look at this reference, in order to provide an overview of what has changed, compared to previous versions.
16/12/2016 - -
The concept of ‘smart cities’ is more and more emerging as a response to the various problems caused by the growth in urban populations. The Smart City Institute in Liège, and the ‘Belfius Smart City Award’, are pioneering this concept in Belgium and leading by example.
15/09/2016 - -
The expected growth of the older adult population will have an unprecedented impact on the national health care system. There is a clear need for additional nursing homes and healthcare workers, to avoid potential shortages in the coming years. Like most other European countries, Belgium is confronted with a rapid ageing of its population. This is the direct result of longer life expectancy and continuous improvement in living standards.
27/05/2016 - -


How are things going in Antwerp Province? What opportunities are there in the property sector? Under the leadership of Alexander Kortleve (CBRE), during this 8th edition we will look, with the help of top quality market partners, at regional property development.
B - Antwerpen, SYNTRA 
Realty is Belgium’s only real estate fair, offering a one-stop overview of the real estate business.
B - Brussels, Tour & Taxis  
16/05/2017 - 18/05/2017
Two themes will be discussed during this seminar: "Worldwide Trends in future living & working"(Rajdeep Gahir | Fonder & MD of Redefining Real Estate) and "HafenCity, 21st Century, Urban Devlopment, Continuity & Transformation" (Jürgen BRUNS-BERENTELG | CEO of HafenCity Hammburg GmbH)
B - Brussels, Tour & Taxis 
The forum will bring together the main national and international investment funds, developers, SOCIMIS (Spanish REIT), asset owners, business agents, consultants, financiers and other relevant players in real estate investment. The program will review the investment situation and prospects in the different Real Estate segment, will analyze the changes on the investors pattern and investments and will reflect on the accelerators and brakes of investment in the real estate sector.
Esp - Madrid 
ARCHITECT@WORK is a specially tailored event for architects, interior architects and designers taking place at Liège Expo. This event will showcase the latest innovations in the ever-evolving world of architecture.
B - Liège, Liège Expo 
01/06/2017 - 02/06/2017
The following years, the construction sector should evolve into a circular economy model.
B - Bruxelles, Tour & Taxis