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New SDT: The Walloon urban big bang?
The new Territorial Development Plan in Wallonia is entering the public enquiry phase. It sets out regulations including, in particular, the desire to build housing in city centres rather than outside. The seminar will look at the essential questions, and consider, with the players involved and including in particular Walloon Minister-President Willy Borsus, what the likely repercussions are.
B - Cercle du Lac, Louvain-la-Neuve 
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Being AAA in a tight real estate market?
10 years without a major crisis. The international real estate market, generally considered cyclical, has never known such a long period of stability. This raises the question of why the market is going through such a long cycle, as no one can imagine the market ceasing to be cyclical at all. Since the crash of 2008 and its aftermath, the Greek crisis and the crisis of public debt in the Euro–zone, we have seen emerging new players around the world: the central banks, especially in the United States and the Euro–zone. To boost economic activity and support growth, central banks have taken over from governments in pursuing expansive monetary policies. This phase is gradually coming to an end.
This forum will address the audience answering the questions
- Analyse > how a real estate market that has profited for years from the historically low level of the rent of money, with the consequence that capitalization rates are exceptionally low and the values exceptionally high.
- Anticipate > how investors will manage the future development of the three real estate markets (offices, retail and logistics).
- Act > how investors will act in a tight and uncharted real estate market whose fundamental trends are unprecedented.
B - Brussels, Chancellery Auditorium - BNP PARIBAS FORTIS  
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Real Estate Society's New Year Cocktail 2019
At the beginning of the New Year, UPSI, RES, RICS and the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management are joining forces to organize their Common New Year Cocktail on Thursday 24 January 2019 at 7 pm.
B - Brussels, Autoworld 
24/01/2019 - 24/01/2018
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City Transformation Platform 2019
The ‘City Transformation Platform 2019’ will be held for the first time on February 26th in Antwerp. The day-long event will look at the challenges facing district transformation in Flanders, and how cities see their future. Among other topics, an emphasis will be put on alternative modes of mobility and on the increasing digitalization of the whole domain. All of this within a desire for sustainable development.
B - Antwerpen 
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Stedelijk Transformatie Platform 2019
This seminar is looking at the changing offering in urban facilities, in particular within the domain of mobility and digitalisation. Questions of sustainability within all this are also to be covered. Also, in a context of a desire not to build in unconstructed areas, how will we face the challenge of a lack of housing?
B - Antwerpen 
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We Are Real Estate 2019 : 'Shaping The Future of Real Estate'
We Are Real Estate is bringing the real estate industry together in its hotspot Brussels. With a new and innovative approach, based on extensive market research among key real estate professionals, We Are Real Estate focuses on these 3 main elements:Learning,Investing and Networking.
B - Brussels, Brussels Expo 
22/05/2019 - 23/05/2019
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Making the News
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