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Visionary, outside-the-box thinking
The 60,250 seats national stadium that is soon to arise on the Heizel grounds is unquestionably a new milestone with an iconic impact for real estate developer Ghelamco. The Ghelamco Group is not only a major real estate developer in Belgium, it has also been very active in Poland. Since 1991 they have built nearly one third of the new offices in Warsaw. An interview with Paul Gheysens, CEO and founder of the Ghelamco group, a solid family company that places great value on a positive business culture with the space to develop a close team of employees.
| 18/05/2015

Urgency to build more housing
Céline Fremault is the new Minister for the Environment of the Brussels Capital Region, but with a wide-ranging remit: Housing, Environment, Energy,Handicapped Persons... Her objective is to draw a link between all these areas and create a better life for citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. She speaks to us about housing in particular.
| 18/05/2015

Kristiaan Borret: it’s time for action
The Brussels Region government has just appointed its second Master Architect, or ‘Bouwmeester’. Kristiaan Borret thus took over from the first incumbent, Olivier Bastin, in January of this year. Right at the beginning of his mandate, this former Antwerp Bouwmeester gives us his thoughts in its interview.
| 18/05/2015

Southern expansion for Antwerp
“Over the coming 15 years, Antwerp expects to see its population grow by 70,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, or about 30,000 families” says Rob Van de Velde, alderman for spatial planning, heritage and green spaces. “And that means an attractive housing and services offer has to grow along with it at the same time”. The chances are great that a substantial share of these new Antwerp residents will be settling down to the south of the city centre, because that area is already bustling with building activity.
| 18/05/2015

Public-Private Partnerships: added value is key to success
PPP – Public-Private Partnership in full - is a concept that was slow to get off the ground in Belgium. The formula was eyed most suspiciously, and was in the first instance geared towards financing projects for which the necessary funds were not readily available, while the added value of a PPP to a project was not, or hardly, taken into consideration. But, as we were able to establish at the ‘PPS in Vastgoed (PPP in Real Estate)’ Study Day organised by Management Producties at thebeginning of March, the tide finally seems to be turning, provided the formula pursues a win/win for all parties concerned.
| 18/05/2015

Up-and-coming office market in the city centre of Charleroi
The office market in Charleroi is currently very limited, at least in the city – most new office buildings have been constructed in the Aeropole zone near the airport over recent years. In light of the numerous major developments in the heart of the city, however, it can only be observed that there is an up-and-coming office market in the centre of a city which is aiming to regain its ‘metropolis’ status.
| 18/05/2015

Financing smart cities
‘Smart Cities & Sustainable Development’ is the name of the new programme, developed jointly by the European Investment Bank and Belfius Bank, to finance intelligent cities. A first in Belgium – and in Europe – which should enable communes to benefit from financing at reduced interest rates in order to progress towards the status of Smart City. The rules of the game have been set and the kick-off was given last year in June.
| 18/05/2015

The Brussels office market is returning to good health
Was 2014 the year of recovery? The figures clearly seem to indicate this, both in terms of take-up and of investment. By contrast with 2013, the public sector was particularly active in 2014. It generated almost 50% of the total take-up of around 460,000 m˛, an increase of close to 39% compared to the previous year.
| 18/05/2015

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