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FM outsourcing | FM revolution behind the prison bars
Within a relatively short space of time, four brand new prison buildings are going to come into service within Flanders and Wallonia. The Federal Justice department decided a few years ago to build a certain number of new prisons. And it was high time because a large number of Belgian prisons already had a good number of years of service behind them. This wave of new buildings falls within the framework of the execution of the governmental agreement approving the 2008 2012 2016 guideline pour for a more humane custodial infrastructure.
| 08-04-14

Glaverbel Building: Offices managed like a luxury hotel
Impacted by the crisis, the office buildings sector is being obliged to constantly reinvent itself. At the beginning of its Property Manager mandate for the iconic building formerly occupied by Glaverbel, DTZ analysed those contracts currently in operation in order to renegotiate them and obtain a quality of service at the best prices. The level of charges per square meter was therefore able to be decreased by 20% over two years according to Henry Morauw, Head of Property Management at DTZ.
| 21-01-14

OCI Europe: The crisis puts Belgium under pressure
The second edition of the European Occupiers Cost Index (OCI) published last year by AOS Studley gives a clear indication of the average annual cost of a work-station per full time equivalent (FTE) employee in Europe. The OCI is the result of an intensive survey carried out in 22 European countries which analyses no less than 3,400 buildings. It is made up of elements borrowed from the EN 15221 norm. Firstly, the Space & Infrastructure component which considers costs and investments relative to the building. The second component People & Organisation brings together employee support facility costs. And the third element Management, covers strategic, tactical and transversal management. The survey on which the 2013 survey is based involves 1.45 million FTEs and a total office surface area of 31 million square metres.
| 11-12-13

Town Planning | Antwerp demonstrates new dynamism to investors
With the new administration, we are emphatically seeking to bring about a change of mentality, opens Alderman Rob Van de Velde, who is responsible for Urban Planning and Development. The turnaround time for large projects needs to be cut drastically; waiting times of ten years in some cases are no longer acceptable.
| 20-05-13

TOWN PLANNING l Lige l Val Benot, rehabilitation of the former university site
While it may be Guillemins and the Calatrava station which are currently attracting the attention of real estate professionals in the Lige region, the Val Benot site is also worthy of a pause. The former university site, home to the faculties of science and applied science of the University of Lige is the subject of a vast conversion programme.
| 20-05-13

INVESTMENT l Market Trends - what to expect for 2013
The investment market has been changing in nature over recent times. A combination of the economic and Euro crises, and a market which has self-regulated (some would say over-regulated) have pushed investors into new segments. We take a look with Anixton and CBRE at what has been happening in 2012, and what we may expect for the whole of 2013.
| 16-05-13

PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP l DBFM structures under pressure
Over the last two to three years, the impact of the financial and economic crisis has been clearly felt on the real estate market. A slowdown has occurred, and the development of both individual buildings and larger sites or zones has become more difficult. The pressure that real estate projects are facing is partially due to the increased difficulty in obtaining financing. This is a vicious circle, as diminished sales opportunities reduce the willingness of banks to provide finance. The problems on the financial markets are also putting DBFM structures under pressure.
| 15-05-13

PROPERTY & WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT l Integrating the concept of the New Way of Work into a turnkey of
As a real estate developer offering offices for rental by companies, Intervest Offices & Warehouses has been increasingly confronted by various demands over the recent past. These demands, from potential tenants, are for assistance in laying out the offices: from space planning to the implementation of the concept of New Way of Work, not forgetting finding suitable office furniture. This provides an opportunity to develop these services in their own right and to highlight them in order to attract potential tenants with turnkey solutions.
| 15-05-13

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