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PROPERTY & WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT l Integrating the concept of the ‘New Way of Work’ into a turnkey of
As a real estate developer offering offices for rental by companies, Intervest Offices & Warehouses has been increasingly confronted by various demands over the recent past. These demands, from potential tenants, are for assistance in laying out the offices: from space planning to the implementation of the concept of ‘New Way of Work’, not forgetting finding suitable office furniture. This provides an opportunity to develop these services in their own right and to highlight them in order to attract potential tenants with turnkey solutions.
| 15/05/2013

PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP l DBFM structures under pressure
Over the last two to three years, the impact of the financial and economic crisis has been clearly felt on the real estate market. A slowdown has occurred, and the development of both individual buildings and larger sites or zones has become more difficult. The pressure that real estate projects are facing is partially due to the increased difficulty in obtaining financing. This is a vicious circle, as diminished sales opportunities reduce the willingness of banks to provide finance. The problems on the financial markets are also putting DBFM structures under pressure.
| 15/05/2013

Sustainability l The compulsory passive standard – what will it mean?
The last of the three BuildGreen conferences of 2012 looked at the important question of how the Brussels legislation making the passive standard compulsory from 2015 would impact the market in concrete terms. Nathalie Saverys and Kathleen Iweins once again managed to attract top quality, relevant speakers to address the delegates.
| 15/05/2013

MARKET TRENDS | BRUSSELS l A self-regulating market but which is facing many challenges
Despite a somewhat perturbed economic, social and political climate, transactions during 2012 on the Brussels office market can be described as satisfactory, although the investment level was disappointing. Take-up from companies and administrations was 11% up compared to 2011, vacancy is down but remains around the 10% mark, and ‘face-value’ rents are, in general, stable.
| 15/05/2013

Offices l Poor performance partially due to the scarcity of modern buildings
In Belgium, Antwerp is the second largest office market after Brussels. It represents around 10% of total Belgian office stock, some 1.900.000 m˛ excluding Mechelen. Despite its reduced size compared to Brussels and other large European cities, the Antwerp market offers considerable advantages, such as the presence of one of Europe’s most important ports, excellent national and international means of transport (particularly to the Netherlands and Germany), a well-developed logistics network, and a good balance between different economic sectors (industry, offices and retail). But Antwerp suffers from mobility issues and a scarcity of high quality buildings.
| 15/05/2013

OFFICES l MARKET TRENDS l Top rents in Ghent overtake those in Antwerp
With a total stock of 1.4 million m˛, the Ghent office market represents the second office market in Flanders and the third in Belgium in terms of existing stock. 2012 was an exceptional vintage, confirming the renewed interest for this regional market.
| 14/05/2013

TOWN PLANNING l Mons l A magnificent station and a whole new district
The city of Mons is developing as it prepares to be ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2015. To its rich history which in particular includes the Belfry, the Ste.-Waudru cathedral and the Grand’Place, Mons is now adding a promising future.
| 14/05/2013

TOWN PLANNING l Mechelen, ideal central location - Interview with Greet Geypen
Mechelen’s position exactly midway between Antwerp and Brussels, on the country’s busiest rail route, represents an enormous advantage for the city: it is just 10 minutes to Brussels and 20 minutes to Antwerp. With some impressive infrastructure projects, Mechelen is preparing to put itself emphatically on the map in the next few years for both residential developments, offices and retail.
| 14/05/2013

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