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Urgency to build more housing

Céline Fremault, Minister for the Environment of the Brussels Capital Region
Céline Fremault is the new Minister for the Environment of the Brussels Capital Region, but with a wide-ranging remit: Housing, Environment, Energy,Handicapped Persons... Her objective is to draw a link between all these areas and create a better life for citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. She speaks to us about housing in particular.

Céline Fremault began by observing that between 2008 and 2012, more than 70,000 people had left Brussels to go and live in the periphery. She believes lack of suitable housing was the principal cause, and she wishes to create a living framework which means that people will prefer to stay in the capital. The challenges are to provide quality housing and to ensure that people can afford to stay in Brussels, and to move in the direction of an economy which is more sustainable and which creates jobs. The priorities are therefore to offer better and higher quality housing, and to provide a framework for subsidised rents with a ceiling. This is designed to provide a sort of transition between the private sector housing in which they find themselves, and the public sector housing they are looking for. The Brussels government will help.

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 | 18-05-15


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