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Tour & Taxis is evolving above and below ground

Michel de Bièvre, CEO of ‘Projet Tour & Taxis’
At the beginning of this year, Extensa acquired the 25% of shares in Tour & Taxis held by each of the previous two other joint shareholders, and became 100% owner of the site. Michel de Bièvre, CEO of ‘Projet Tour & Taxis’ which is the Extensa company developing the site, tells us of the latest developments.

The most recent developments at Tour & Taxis in 2014 were the inauguration of the new headquarters of Bruxelles Environment, a yet iconic building, and the announcement that the Flemish authorities would indeed take the to be developed ‘Meander’ building.

What is next on the agenda?
In March we started the construction of the first residential accommodation. We already had a permit for 218,000 m² of housing, which is quite a lot. This permit has been modified and we have the modification allowing us to start with 13,000 m² of medium rent housing. The foundation works have therefore started and construction starts this spring on 115 apartments, to be finished by the end of next year. These are being marketed and there is already a good deal of interest. There are passive and low energy constructions.

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 | 18-05-15


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