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Vision on the elderly homes needed to cope with the rapid ageing of the population

The expected growth of the older adult population will have an unprecedented impact on the national health care system. There is a clear need for additional nursing homes and healthcare workers, to avoid potential shortages in the coming years. Like most other European countries, Belgium is confronted with a rapid ageing of its population. This is the direct result of longer life expectancy and continuous improvement in living standards.

The ageing ‘baby boom’ generation (people born between 1946 and 1964) will have a profound impact on the Belgian health care system over the coming decades, with elderly (inactive) people rapidly outgrowing the younger active population. Concerns have emerged about the long term sustainability of the national pension system. Belgium is trying to address this issue by adopting a range of measures, such as delaying the retirement age or promoting alternative sources for funding pension welfare.
In 2016, 1.45 million Belgians are at the age of 70 and older. This is 12.9% of the total Belgian population. By 2025, this population group will increase by another 290,425 people. By 2035, 2.2 million people or 17.8% of the total population will be 70 years or older.

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 | 27-05-16


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