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City Dox
Willebroek canal banks, Anderlecht

Project : residential, offices, rest home, care home, retailing
Surface area: 165,000 m²
Status: Permit requests lodged


Set to bring new life to the western entrance to the city, and to be a major part of the canal zone plan.

City Dox, a mixed project by real estate developer Atenor, is located in Anderlecht, on the banks of the Willebroek Canal and close to the Brussels Ring – E40 junction. While just outside of the city centre, City Dox is nevertheless relatively close to South Station with its national and international rail links. The project is fully in line with a dynamic of sustainable urban development and is one of Atenor’s major mixed use urban projects. The master plan for City Dox includes a wide variety of functions: housing, offices, retail, school, rest home, public areas and infrastructure. Following the granting of the planning permit for the first phase during the second half of last year, Atenor has reached an agreement with Home Sebrechts (a subsidiary of Armonea) for the operation of the rest and care home. Atenor has also agreed to sell the company developing this part of the scheme, to a 'first rate Belgian institutional investor'. The first phase of City Dox is ongoing, and marketing is progressing satisfactorily.

Rehabilitation of a former industrial site
The entire area has been taken into consideration in the new ‘PRASD (Regional Demographic Ground Use Plan) which is designed to address the needs of the Brussels’ Region in terms of residential and urban industrial activities. The PRASD has been approved by the Brussels Government. It came into force on December 14th 2013 and changes the way certain zones known as ZIU (Urban industrial Zones) can be used. This includes Biestebroeck in a ZEMU (Urban Environment Enterprise Zone), enabling new residential accommodation to be created, in line with a policy of mixed economic activities.

The canal zone is receiving much attention from the authorities, and is now considered as a structural factor for redynamising the city, with high development potential. Within this framework, the Brussels Capital Region has drawn up a ‘Canal Masterplan’, which is under the guidance of French town planner Alexandre Chemetoff.

New life for this former industrial zone
With its strong urban planning approach, Atenor Group is pursuing a constructive and transparent dialogue with the local and regional authorities. One of the major objectives of both Atenor and the public authorities is to clean up and reconvert this 5.4-hectare area within a coherent urban planning programme, in line with the future needs of a metropolis concerned with sustainable development. A first planning permit request has been drawn up for the parcel of land along the Boulevard Industriel. This first programme, which is in line with the requirements of the ZEMU, schedules the construction of three buildings with a number of functions: services to companies, housing, a rest and care home, a serviced residence, shops, and all amounting to 38,000 m² of gross surface area.

Where planning for the second parcel of land alongside the canal is concerned, Atenor will take into consideration the Canal Masterplan and the PPAS (Specific Ground Use Plan) currently being drawn up. Atenor intends to make best use of the canal and the quality of the green walkways, which it will extend into the heart of the site by creating a water feature and a pedestrian walkway. Shops and workshops will add to the vitality of the area.



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