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     Belgian Real Estate Network - Partners & Suppliers

This 'Network-book' presents you suppliers and potential partners who can help you in your real estate management and development: investment strategy (purchase, lease or rent), choice of the perfect location, selection of the most suitable building, valuation, financing and taxation, building fit out, move, building facilities operations.

These companies are classified according to their field of activities.
By clicking on the sign beside a company's coordinates, you will be able to view this company's profile describing their activities, services, expertise along with real estate projects they are involved in. This company profile also introduces you to their management board, and provides you with the coordinates of contact persons.

If you wish that your company would be published in this online Belgian real Estate Who's Who as a potential supplier or partner, please click here to provide us with the coordinates of your company.

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Belgian Real Estate Network - Suppliers, advisers and partners
Real Estate
Real Estate consultancy (45)
Asset and property management (17)
Relocation agencies (11)
Architects (96)
Landscape gardeners (6)
General contractors (27)
Construction – consultancy and project management (15)
Engineering consultancy (26)
Expertise bureaux (4)
Real estate developers (96)
Investors (9)
Street furniture (2)
Lega land fiscal advice (18)
Banks – finance and investment (9)
Training in real estate management (2)
Local and public authorities – ground use and investment assistance (34)
Federations (11)

Buildings and technical installations
Building technical maintenance ( maincontracting) (13)
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) (14)
Building automation (5)
Building signage (6)
Interior windows coverings & exterior blinds (7)
Lift and escalators - manufacturers and installers (6)
Lifts – technical control (10)
Roof waterproofing – installation and maintenance (3)
Floor and wall coverings (9)
Graffiti removal and treatment (1)
Car park service and equipment (6)
Garden and green areas, layout and maintenance (4)
Federations (4)
Building Maintenance (1)

Safety and security
Security guards (16)
Access control- installers (11)
Surveillance systems - installers (15)
Alarm systems - installers (2)
Fire prevention (13)
Doors –theft proof (1)
Federations (4)

Fit-out and Workplace Design
Office fittings (38)
Workplace Occupancy Audit (3)
Office furniture (50)
Office furniture (21)
Audiovisual– manufacturers and retailers (3)
Audiovisual Installers (5)
Partinioning (walls) (13)
Lighting (13)
False ceilings (9)
Raised floors (1)
Joinery / carpentry – made to measure woodwork (7)
In-house art and decoration (6)
Interior green spaces (7)
Well-being at work (7)
Acoustics (5)
Interior renovation and finishing (5)
Office furniture (4)

Facility Management
Facility Management Consultancy (20)
Integrated Facility Management (8)
FMIS-software (5)
Sourcing strategy -consultancy (3)
Training in Facility Management (8)
Federation (1)

Energy and Environment
Environment consultants (12)
Energy suppliers (10)
Energy audits (8)
Environmental certification of buildings (10)
Incidence study bureau (3)
Solar panel installers (5)
Co-generation installers (3)
Waste removal and treatment (2)
Waste containers (2)
Bio-stabilty – air and water (1)
External solar protection & control systems (5)

Group catering – service providers (12)
Automatic distributors - manufacturers (8)
Automatic distributors - operators (9)
Vending – drinking fontains (3)
Coffee machines (11)
Cold rooms and freezing installations (1)
Industrial cooking (1)
Restauration collective - Consultance & contrôles de qualité (1)

Removals, warehousing and logistics
Removals – service providers (12)
Archiving and storage furniture (7)
Federation (1)

Mobility Management
Mobility - consultancy (2)
Public transportation (5)
Shared transport (5)
Business Center (7)
Coworking spaces (4)