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Mobility in EU district - the arguments go on...

With the recent granting of the environmental permit for the ‘Europa Tower’ on the Rue de la Loi in the European district of Brussels, some of the parking problems in the district may be made worse. This is the view of IEB (Inter-Environnement Brussels), which points out that when taken together with the environmental permit for the neighbouring ‘Leaselex’ tower, these permits will allow for 380 new parking spaces. The organisation says that while the Region is intent on densifying the zone, it is not paying enough attention to mobility problems, and that it is imperative to reduce traffic pressure. The IEB also says that the Zoned Urban Regulation (RRUZ) allows for 164,000 m˛ of extra office space in an area which has 229,000 m˛ of vacant space (it quotes the citydev Office Observatory as its source for these figures). Calling for better public transport facilities, the IEB says that one of the reasons for the partial annulling of permits for Uplace (Machelen), was because it would generate more traffic without taking measures in the public transport domain. The situation in the European district is not likely to be helped by the decision of the Brussels Region government this week to abandon plans for a tunnel underneath the Avenue de Cortenbergh, due to the excessive cost. This would have made the Schuman roundabout a pedestrian area. As for whether the Rue de la Loi and parallel Rue Belliard are still to lose a lane each, no recent news…


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[+] Europa Tower

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[+] Leaselex Tower

| 12/09/2014

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