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Vision of Real estate in 2030 : 10 ways in which the way we use buildings will change

Image: Daimler
Image: Daimler

Real estate advisor CBRE has published a report looking at how real estate and the way we use it, is likely to have changed by the end of this decade. Entitled ‘Global Outlook 2030, the Age of Responsive Real Estate’, it outlines ‘Ten Ways You’ll Experience Real Estate Differently in the Next Decade’

Richard Barkham, Global Chief Economist at CBRE, sets the general trend:
'By 2030, buildings will quickly and flexibly respond to the demands of those who occupy them. They will be more intuitive to user needs,more ‘human’ and will deliver personalized experiences that support our increasingly on-demand lifestyles. Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, next-generation mobile technology and continually growing e-commerce will accelerate the transformation of how real estate is used and traded.

The rapidly rising Gen Z population, which has never known a world without technology, will quickly have an outsized influence on our culture, business and politics. Workplace design will transform from compartmentalized to a collaborative, open and flexible environment without hierarchical distinctions. And corporations will adjust their outlook, management style and workplace amenities to better motivate and retain top talent. The Age of Responsive Real Estate will foster more creativity, productivity, happiness and well-being for new generations of users

In short, the 10 ways in which the way we use buildings will change, are set out by the CBRE report as :
  1. the fluid workspace: the end of fixed workplace attendance will unlock productivity growth and personal creativity
  2. welcome to the ‘5G+’ Workplace: companies must embrace an unprecedented generational convergence with a big tech twist
  3. the new C-Suite Power Player – Chief Places Officer: changes in the workplace require a new leadership role to take them on
  4. the hotelification of real estate: branded live, work & play places are set to have their moment
  5. retail’s next big shift: the e-commerce explosion is just the beginning of industry-wide changes
  6. the new boomtowns: by 2030, Generation Z will start inheriting (and changing) the economy
  7. early morning in the Asian century: multiple trends are converging to give Asia a big advantage over the rest of the world
  8. the rise of the machines: with AI, commercial real estate investing will become more accessible
  9. the new maths: the formula for real estate valuation is changing, starting with the retail sector
  10. the asset class of the future: multi family will take center stage in real estate investment
Let us take a closer look at a title which has not previously been seen in our real estate market, but which according to CBRE is set to emerge as a major role – the Chief Places Officer.
CBRE says: there are more paths to the C-suite than ever, according to a recent study by LinkedIn, as companies are filling an ever-diversifying portfolio of new roles at the highest levels. Enter the Chief Places Officer. With the battle for talent heightened in an AI-influenced, knowledge worker-focused future, the deployment of space will be a critical strategic weapon: a recruiting, efficiency and effectiveness tool that will pull corporate real estate functions closer to corporate strategy, HR and talent management, including an emphasis on how workspaces contribute to the general happiness and well-being of those who occupy them’.

Further details of what CBRE has concluded under some of its ten major topics, will follow on
PRO-REALESTATE.be in the coming days.
Tim Harrup

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