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New police headquarters to help transform North district

In a demonstration of inter-communal cooperation, the mayors of Schaerbeek (Bernard Clerfayt) and St.-Josse (Emir Kir) appeared together in Schaerbeek town hall a few days ago to announce a new police headquarters building for the Brussels-North zone. The building is located alongside (and adjoining) the Chao Chow hotel some 25 metres inside the commune of St.-Josse. This building is familiar to motorists as they emerge through the railway tunnel next to the Gare du Nord.

The police building is designed to be welcoming, highly visible with a prominent logo on the corner, and will help in the desire of the communes to transform the district from a red-light only destination to a place people feel comfortable in visiting. Architect Marc Stryckman (ADE Marc Stryckman & Partners), pointed out that the building would also fill a vacant space to the rear of the existing hotel. This space is owned by the hotel, and in return for transferring it to the communes for its new use, the hotel will receive 7 apartments of around 100 m² each, to be constructed on the upper floors. The police headquarters will accommodate around a hundred agents, and will offer all the fundamental police services.

The two mayors did not try to conceal the problems of this zone. Emir Kir said the desire was to adopt the ‘Antwerp model’, containing the prostitution activity rather than either trying to eliminate it, or letting it operate in a totally unregulated manner. There will be more pedestrian zones, and the presence of this new project, along with AG Real Estate’s Silver Tower a short distance away, will help to bring a new dynamic to the area. The new project is scheduled to open in 2017.

Left to right, Michel Schauwers, head of the Brussels-North police brigade, Bernard Clerfayt and Emir Kir
Left to right, Michel Schauwers, head of the Brussels-North police brigade, Bernard Clerfayt and Emir Kir

| 14/10/2014

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