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'The One' kicks off P.U.L. with a major letting

At a press conference held yesterday on the 21st floor of the (as yet unfinished) emblematic building at the top of the Rue de la Loi – The One – Atenor CEO Stéphan Sonneville was able to reveal a major letting. He also explained how this particular deal fits in with the policy of Atenor, and with the evolving nature of business across the world.

The letting (9 years fixed) of the first two floors of the building is to co-working operator Welkin & Merani, active in London, Paris and Amsterdam, but for whom this will be the first centre in Brussels. To demonstrate just how pivotal co-working is becoming in the world of business, Stéphan Sonneville pointed out that in London, no less than one million square metres is dedicated to this. Speaking of the strategy, he also said that the whole fabric of business is moving towards more flexibility, more conviviality, and that this has always been a foundation stone of the ‘Projet Urbain Loi (PUL), for redesigning the whole district around the Rue de la Loi. ‘The One’ plays a crucial role in this. Firstly through the choice of this inaugural tenant and the decision to create a multi-occupancy building, and secondly through being the first building of a totally new genre in the European District: The One comprises around 29,000 m² of office space and some 92 apartments, in the same building.

The technical and human-oriented features of the building include being entirely passive (certified Passive House Planning Package – PHPP – by the Maison Passive), and providing electric car charging points and an electric bike-sharing service. There are also meeting rooms of different sized, cafés/restaurants including one by Yves Mattagne, a concierge service…

Cities, Stéphan Sonneville went on to say, demonstrating his own passion for the subject, have to be not just pleasant, but attractive if people are going to want to live in them. This requires a real mix of functions and services, ecological awareness and a genuine move towards being ‘Smart’. The One represents the starting point for this philosophy in the capital of Europe. Earlier, Stéphan Sonneville revealed the annual results and perspectives for Atenor, and these will be dealt with in a separate report.
Tim Harrup

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