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Strategic purchase by citydev

One of the pieces of news to come out of the end of the year was another strategic purchase by citydev.brussels. The development agency has purchased the former postal service (bpost) sorting centre located at Anderlecht in Brussels. The site comprises 10,600 m² of offices, 25,700 m² of industrial halls and a 15,000 m² car park. The location is classified as a ZIU, or urban industrial zone.

As part of the deal, which sees citydev paying around € 25 million, bpost has committed to renting back some 18,700 m² of surface area. The decision on how this will be used will depend on the operational needs of the postal operator.

Brussels Region Minister for the Economy and Employment, Didier Gosuin, points out that this is the largest single acquisition ever made by citydev (formerly the SDRB) in more than 20 years. He also says that the deal with bpost will enable 400 jobs to be retained in the Region.

For his part, citydev Managing Director Benjamin Cadranel speaks of the long term potential of this site where job creation is concerned, especially in terms of welcoming further industrial activities in an urban setting and thus maintaining a balance of urban functions. He goes on to say that the fact of having a public operator in control of a strategic site is essential to the development of the city.
Tim Harrup

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