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The wide role of the Bouwmeester

As a demonstration of the comprehensive nature of the mission of the Bouwmeester, one of the recent calls for tender involves a mission which is aimed at safety and not simply at creating a new building or complex.

The Region, via the Bouwmeester, indicate that it was looking for a team to redesign the forecourt of a school (Klavertje Vier infants school and a crèche) located on the Avenue Héliport in Laeken. The call for tenders is with a view both to making this part of the road safer, and creating a meeting place on the forecourt. The Bouwmeester says that as the facilities are located on a curve of this wide road, visibility is poor, motorists tend to drive too fast and the pedestrian crossings are not safe enough. Along with this, the local parks are not convivial, and turning the forecourt into a place for meeting and leisure would add to the attractiveness of the district. A physical connection is to be created between the forecourt and the raised forecourt of the ‘Foyer Laekenois’ opposite.

This call for tenders is one of many launched by the Bouwmeester, and while it may seem of little significance, it shows how Kristiaan Borret has interpreted his role to be one of an overall improvement of the quality of life and of security in Brussels, along with architectural supervision.
Tim Harrup

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