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Mipim to focus on reinventing cities

The organisers of Mipim – Reed Midem – have just announced that the 2020 edition (Cannes 10 to 13 March) will turn the spotlight on how cities need to reinvent themselves to meet their inhabitants’ aspirations for a better quality of life. The central theme of next year’s event – The Future is Human – follows on, they point out, from last year's discussions about sustainable responsibility. The ambition this year is to put city-dwellers at the heart of the conversation by focusing on the societal dimension of sustainable development.

The organisers go on to say that an attractive city is one where the living is good, hosting existing and new residents as well as companies and investors. This virtuous circle must form the baseline for everyone designing and building tomorrow’s cities. What kinds of services and facilities can cities offer their inhabitants in order to make their lives more convenient, safer and greener, as well as more open, connected and inclusive? The Mipim conference programme will address all these topics.

Housing and mobility

This is clearly the major issue in key metropolitan areas. The shortage of affordable housing is a significant challenge at a time when the UN predicts that two thirds of all human beings will be city-dwellers by 2050. New kinds of housing, urban mixing, eco-neighbourhoods, and intelligent buildings are just some of the solutions, and a broad range of experiments are already being carried out to promote a better quality of life. Mobility is closely linked to housing difficulties and raises questions about its own impact on health and the size of its carbon footprint. The convergence between property and mobility paves the way to models focused on using, sharing and pooling. What are these new forms of civic, eco-responsible mobility and how do they fit into the urban environment?
Tim Harrup

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