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Strong growth in the Belgian health care real estate market expected to continue

2019 was a top year for healthcare real estate in our country: almost 490 million Euros were invested in this specific market. Over the previous two years, the figure had been around the around 100 million Euros mark. Real estate advisor Cushman & Wakefield expects investments in this market to continue to rise. Assuming a need for 3,500 extra beds per year, investments in the Belgian market are expected to be between 450 million and 525 million annually over the coming years.

Cofinimmo and Aedifica are the market leaders in our country. Cofinimmo signed the biggest deal for healthcare real estate investment in 2019. Aedifica is now entering the BEL20. Care Property Invest is one of the strongest growers.

A deep analysis of healthcare real estate market evolution has been carried out by Trends Tendances – see their report.
Tim Harrup

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