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Codify best practices in ethics

The New York Institute Ethisphere has published for the 14th consecutive year the list of the World’s most ethical companies: 132 winning companies representing 51 countries and 21 business sectors. Several global players active in Belgium with in the real estate field are nominated and recognized for their ethical behavior as a means of improving the world while optimizing the performance of their business: CBRE, JLL, Hilton but also companies like Honeywell (building automation), Johnson Controls (energy management and technical maintenance) and Accenture in consultancy.

Ethisphere has in-depth expertise in measuring and defining basic ethical standards, using data-driven information, which helps companies optimize their corporate character as well as measure and improve their culture. The institute brings together a community of experts from the sector, through the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA).

Based on Ethisphere's exclusive Ethics Quotient® methodology, the assessment process includes more than 200 data points covering culture, environmental and social practices, ethics and compliance activities, governance, diversity and initiatives to create a strong value chain.

Ethics can rhyme with profit
Ethisphere’s research suggests that ethics and financial performance can go hand in hand. They have tracked how stock prices of publicly traded companies compare to the Large Cap Index. This revealed that the companies in this ranking have outperformed the large cap sector by 13.5% over five years. This "ethical benefit" forms the basis on which companies can match responsible behavior with shareholder value.

Timothy Erblich, CEO of Ethisphere, said: "When we launched the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2007, the concept of companies proactively aligning profit and mission seemed implausible. However, prominent CEOs and organizations continue to corroborate our long-held assumption that conducting ethical business is the key to maximizing profits.

Full list of World’s Most Ethical Companies 2020 >>
Didier Van Den Eynde

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