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50-year old INGENIUM reviews role

(Image: installatie en bouw)
(Image: installatie en bouw)

Bruges-based family engineering bureau Ingenium is 50 years old. Its role on the market is to help architects and developers construct buildings which are comfortable, sustainable and safe. The company is well aware, however, and as CEO Nicolas Vyncke (photo) says, that the construction trade is constantly evolving, and that what goes today, might not do so tomorrow.

Quoted by Trends/Knack, Nicolas Vyncke comments: A building is more than just bricks, it is an essential part of our existence. We live and work in and around buildings. Creating places to live and work is one of the oldest skills of man. Building has an important economic, social and environmental impact: more than 100 million people work in construction around the world, but the sector is also the largest consumer of raw materials and accounts for 40 percent of all waste. 40 percent of CO2 emissions, which is why the climate agreements impose ever stricter requirements. We are seeing a rapid evolution of technology, a revolution even, which offers fascinating opportunities, which goes far beyond what is visible.”

Tim Harrup

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