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Befimmo takes Silversquare over

The opening of the first 'Silversquare@Befimmo' marked a change of style with designer Lionel Jadot's unusual touch.
The opening of the first 'Silversquare@Befimmo' marked a change of style with designer Lionel Jadot's unusual touch.

Ten years after co-working operator Silversquare was formed, real estate developer Befimmo has acquired a controlling stake of 61% in the company. This news also comes some months after the two companies started working together on a new co-working concept ‘Silversquare@Befimmo’. The deal appears to be very much in tune with the evolution of the real estate office market into a service-oriented sector. With the acquisition, Befimmo says it will offer different workspace solutions in a Hybrid Offices model, going from the traditional office, through the mixed office with co-working and traditional space, to the full co-working building. Along with the classical advantages of co-working services, users will be able to go from one location to the other, in function of their own preferences and work schedule. Befimmo’s portfolio will become a high-density network of Hybrid Offices, aligned with the local economic tissue, and all users will be able to benefit from Silversquare’s long-term expertise in community management, networking, events and services.

Silversquare currently manages 5 centres, covering 15,200m², has over 1,000 members (companies) and generates a turnover of about €5.3m. Today, Silversquare offers flex and dedicated desks or even private office space to SME’s that can be used on a membership basis with flexible duration (1 day, 1 month, 1 year, etc.).

Benoit De Blieck, CEO of Befimmo, comments: “I am convinced that this new “Hybrid Offices model” will contribute to the evolution of the Belgian office market by offering a different use of space for the greater benefit of a variety of users with increased flexibility in time and space. This new model is an important strategic step for Befimmo and extends its offer in line with current market needs.” His colleague Martine Rorif, COO of Befimmo, adds: “We are excited about this acquisition. It appears to us as a very natural evolution after an intensive and positive year of close collaboration within our partnership during which it was confirmed that we share the same vision and values.”
Tim Harrup

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