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Impact of Covid on Cofinimmos 30 million Euro annual rental income from AB InBev
Cofinimmo generates yearly rental income of 30 million Euros from AB InBev from around 1,000 cafs and restaurants in Belgium and the Netherlands. This represents 11.6 percent of all its rental income. In 2007, Cofinimmo paid 357 million Euros for the 90 percent acquisition of 1,068 ABN in InBevs catering establishments, of which 823 in Belgium. It was a ...
| 28-05-20

A scientific committee to assist in the access to housing policy in Brussels
The COVID-19 crisis which led to the lockdown in Brussels has highlighted the social duality which characterises the Brussels Capital Region in the domain of housing. Rudi Vervoort Brussels Region Minister-President intends to put the focus back on the challenges of access to housing based on controlled urban densification with the maintenance of green areas.
A scientific committee ...
| 28-05-20

Investor appetite for residential still growing
Over the past few years, the residential real estate market has made its way into the mainstream, as an asset class in its own right. This has occurred to the point that the major players in the industry are now becoming increasingly involved in a domain which, previously, was reserved for specialist residential players.

One of the companies now paying ...
| 27-05-20

Belgian players increase foreign care centre portfolios
As part of our occasional look at what some of our major real estate players are doing outside of Belgium, we report on transactions by AG Real Estate and Aedifica in the care centre segment. Firstly, AG Real Estate has announced that along with Luxembourg life insurance company Cardif Lux Vie, it has acquired a care home in Germany. ...
| 26-05-20

Retail transformation to accelerate after the crisis
There has been a great deal of speculation about what retailing is going to look like once when we return to normal. Long queues of people outside shops with the recommended two metres of distance between them, has now become part of our lives. But will there be a structural change to the industry? A number of those most ...
| 25-05-20

Property managers take centre stage
The task of managing a property is usually outsourced by building owners with rent-paying tenants to specialist companies (often departments of the major brokers), but it is nevertheless a role which is generally considered to be slightly to one side of the mainstream real estate business. Coronavirus has changed this perception, however, and this aspect of the overall business, ...
| 22-05-20

Remodeling of Westland Shopping center, now 100% in the hands of AG Real Estate
One of the countrys three largest shopping centres Westland Shopping in Anderlecht has moved from joint ownership between AG Real Estate and Redevco, to the sole ownership of AG Real Estate. Westland Shopping is currently 100% marketed to retailers mainly active in the fashion and wellness sectors. AG Real Estate say that by acquiring the part of ...
| 21-05-20

More student housing in Hasselt
There is further activity in the emerging student housing asset class. Domain specialist Xior Student Housing has announced the development of a project of at least 157 student rooms (and at least 10 floors) on the PXL campus in Hasselt. The definitive number of rooms will be determined on completion of the revised permit, which is currently underway. The ...
| 20-05-20

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