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In this section of Pro-Real Estate.be information platform you will find the description of real estate development projects :
  • Town planning & land development master plan
    Projects of a ‘district-wide’ size, involving a high degree of mixed use (offices, residential, retail, infrastructure), integrating sustainability and mobility concerns
  • Office building projects to come on the market : new buildings or major renovated buildings
  • Shopping and leisure centres
The projects descriptions include the short listing of key players involved in those real estate projects and for some of them their company profile: real estate developers, local & public authorities, architects, real estate advisers, study bureaux (special techniques, environment).

The real estate projects in the news are presented in the 'Belgium Real Estate Showcase 2015' special issue
You can leaf through it via

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Town planning (36)  •  Offices (66)  •  Retail (31)  •  Public building (13)  •  Infrastructure (7)  •  Housing (42)

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