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Régie des Bâtiments - a vast scope

The Africa museum at Tervuren
The Africa museum at Tervuren

In its latest activities report, the State Buildings Agency (Régie des Bâtiments) details actions taken during 2019. The Agency describes the year as one of ‘evolution, transformation, modernization, sustainability, optimization and renewal’. Numerous projects, the Agency goes on to say, have been brought to a successful conclusion. These include the provision of an exhibition area in the Brussels Royal Library, the construction of an extension to the State Archives in Arlon, new boilers for the Mont des Arts in Brussels, and the restoration of the Trade Tribunal in Turnhout. In addition, work has been carried out on the former Antwerp Law Courts on the Justice building in Verviers and the prison at Haren. This last project, along with the work on the Africa museum at Tervuren, has received awards for excellence. Many other projects are set out in the report. The Agency also details its mission and the extent of its activities. Its job is to manage/construct/renovate/maintain… state-owned buildings and represent the State in the real estate sector. Within this context, the Agency is responsible for a total of 6.84 million square meters of space spread across 967 buildings/complexes. Of these, 685 are owned and 282 leased. The total surface area is divided approximately as follows: Brussels – 3 million, Wallonia – 1.6 million, Flanders (excl. Antwerp) – 1.5 million, Antwerp – 0.78 million. The ‘clients’ of the State Buildings Agency – the organisms which use the buildings – are the SPF’s Justice and Finance (29% and 15% of the total respectively), The Police and Scientific Police (12% and 8%) with the rest being a mixture of ‘others’ (36%). The Agency employs 822 persons. The Agency is currently working on making its buildings more energy efficient by, for example, installing high yield boilers, energy recuperation devices, LED lighting. Security of law courts buildings is another priority, and a scanning system has been installed in all five Belgian Law Courts: Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Ghent, Charleroi.
Tim Harrup
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