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City Dox nearer to completion

There has been another development within the major City Dox project, itself part of the even more major redevelopment plan for the entire canal zone. Developer Atenor (via its company Immobilière de la Petite Ile) in collaboration with the bouwmeester and the local authorities, has announced that the consortium to construct the last phase of the project has been selected.

From 32 original candidates and 4 eventual finalists, it is B-Architecten & B-bis Architecten in association with Veld which was named as the winner.

The last phase of City Dox involves the construction of residential accommodation, retail units and a secondary school. One of the features which impressed the jury is an open public space which provides not only a forecourt to the school, but also a lively area which represents a link to other parts of the zone and therefore to the rest of the canal redevelopment project. It is the intention of Atenor to provide quality living units with generous exterior spaces and financially accessible. When City Dox is complete, it will extend to 155,000 m² of constructed surface area.
Tim Harrup
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