The real estate portfolio of the Walloon Region goes on a diet

Spotted in @lecho

With Jean-Luc Crucke at the helm, the Walloon region is to centralize and bring together its workforce in a smaller number of buildings. Around twenty buildings are being put up for sale, the majority of which are in Namur and Jambes. L’Echo publishes a detailed but not exhaustive list in its report. The sale also involves a new office building: ‘Cross Point’, 10,000 m² ideally located right outside the door of Namur station. The sale of these buildings in Namur is expected to bring in almost 75 million Euros.

The 2020-2024 real estate strategy of the Walloon Region schedules the termination of certain existing lease contracts and thus makes it possible to reduce annual rental costs by 2 million Euros. In Namur, there are set to be only 8 sites and 12 buildings remaining, in place of the 40 currently occupied.

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