Details of virtual Mapic announced

Tim Harrup

The organisers of Mapic, the retail equivalent of Mipim, have announced that the event and its co-located event LeisurUp 2020 have, in light of the covid-19 pandemic, been turned into a 100% digital experience. This will take place on November 17th and 18th, and the next physical Mapic is scheduled for November 2021 in the traditional setting of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

The platform will open on 2nd November 2020 and those wishing to take part are invited to prepare their Mapic Digital three-day event, get logins and tutorial onboarding for the digital platform and connect. There will also be an opportunity to network and get recommendations for people they may want to meet during the live event. In practical terms, virtual attendees will be able to watch live-streamed conference sessions, attend selected matchmaking sessions and attend their one-to-one meetings. A benefit of this on-line platform is that it will be available until December 31st, giving attendees the chance to meet those people they did not have time to meet during the show.

One of the main themes of Mapic 2020 will be ‘Embracing Collaborative Retail’ and in the words of Mapic director Nathalie Depetro: “With the Covid-19 pandemic and the huge difficulties the retail and leisure industries are facing and will face, the world of retail will rely more on collaboration: on sharing data, new leasing models, with humanity at the heart of the business.”
The organizers go on to say that right now the retail market is facing a day-to-day challenge, from how to look after staff to how to pay rent, keeping each business viable, working with the supply chain, so that the industry can come through this crisis together and rebuild. This will require Embracing Collaborative Retail to focus on new business models for retail, mixing uses, compelling cities, refurbishment and extensions, sustainability and the innovation that underpins all of these.

Where retail real estate is concerned, the conferences will cover sustainability, outlet retail, mixed-use & lifestyle destinations, next retail generation, E-commerce & physical retail, logistics, innovation & transformation and franchise among other topics. Leisure, the changing urban landscape, lifestyle, the shopping experience, sport… will also be covered.