The iconic ‘Boerentoren’ to become ‘Culture Tower’ under patronage of Katoen Natie group

Spotted in @vrt

Almost 100 meters tall, and with 26 storeys, the iconic art-déco KBC Tower, popularly known as the Boerentoren, was one of the first European skyscrapers in the early 1930’s. Located in downtown Antwerp at the end of ‘The Meir’ shopping street, the tower now has a new owner – the Katoen Natie Group. Under the patronage of its director Fernand Huts and in conjunction with real estate developer ION, the heritage building will be transformed, into a ‘culture tower’. But before the Boerentoren can be converted, the building will first have to be partly dismantled and re-stabilized.

The new ‘culture tower’ will include areas that can be used for art exhibitions, and there will also be room for a restoration studio, an outdoor sculpture garden, a cinema, an auditorium and a bookshop. In addition, panoramic rooms will also be created on the 3 top floors, offering a stunning view of Anwterp city. In addition, the tower will accommodate shops, restaurants, offices and apartments.

If the works go according to plan, the ‘culture tower’ will be completed in 2027. The KBC logo, which has been on the top of the tower since time immemorial, will continue to adorn the building even after the works.

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