OP and the Trevi Group have announced that they are now part of the same group

Spotted in @lecho

The holding company of the French group Foncia, already owner of the Trevi Group, has just bought the 'Office des Propriétaires(OP). The majority shareholder of the holding, the Suisse Partners Group, is expanding its network across the European market, particularly in Germany, Great Britain ... and now in Belgium.

Right up to this move, Trevi and the OP have been competing for activities in private and co-ownership management, and partly in real estate brokerage (mainly rental). The OP currently manages almost 11,000 properties (apartments, houses, offices, shops). In terms of brokerage, the company completed the rental of more than 600 apartments in 2019. For its part, TREVI has more than 20,000 apartments under management and operates a network of 35 agencies in Belgium.

Eric Verlinden, CEO of the Trevi group, confirmed the logical scenario of this acquisition. This would see two entities – one focused on the private and co-ownership management agency domains, and the other on brokerage (sales and leasing) – to emerge with, ultimately, two autonomous departments. “We will keep the name Trevi for the brokerage part while we will work under the OP brand for all the property management and rental management part”.

Together the two companies employ more than 300 people in Belgium. Via Agigest, OP is also active in Luxembourg as a co-ownership agency manager and rental management company.

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