Phicap in expansive mood following takeovers

Tim Harrup

Following its acquisition of the shareholding of real estate advisor Amirato and property management company Sogesmaint just over a year ago, Phicap has now announced how the three companies are working together. Phicap says that with the added support of the additional personnel, it was able to achieve turnover of 3.5 million Euros in 2020, despite the unfavourable economic conditions caused by Covid-19.

Phicap is active in real estate management for existing buildings, along with being an advisor for all aspects of construction or renovation projects. The Amirato brand is used for this part of the activities. It also advises on investments, from seeking suitable assets to the purchase transaction. With these different activities, Phicap says it is able to have an overview of the complete lifecycle of a real estate asset.

The consolidated company has also expanded into other sectors of the real estate industry, stated to be offices, residential, hospitality, industrial sites, and urban development including transport, education and culture. It is also active in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The newly constituted grouping now also benefits from a new logo and graphic charter, and has modified its internal processes. It will also soon be working from a new common area located at Boulevard du Souverain 100 in Watermael-Boitsfort. This location is close to the Parc Seny and just a minute or two’s drive from the entrance to the E 411 which gives immediate access to the whole motorway system.

Commenting on the evolution of the company, Phicap CEO Michael Goldberg (photo) says: “Ever since it was created seven years ago, Phicap has developed while keeping its entrepreneurial spirit and service to clients at the forefront. I am particularly proud of what we have been able to do since the integration of the Amirato and Sogesmaint teams in 2019”.