From old to contemporary for one DKV Belgium property in the European district

Spotted in @lecho

The renovation of outdated office buildings in the European quarter is progressing further. The building at the corner of the Rue Belliard and Rue de la Science, currently occupied by the ESA (EFTA Surveillance Authority), is to be totally demolished and rebuilt. Its owner, insurance company DKV (Munich RE Group), applied for a permit in April. This request is currently at public inquiry stage until December 17. If all goes well, the permit should be obtained in 2021, followed by the attribution of the demolition-reconstruction work for a delivery of the new building by 2023.

The request aims to demolish the old building dating from 1959 with a view to rebuilding it with 10 above-ground levels and 5,900 square meters. On the ground floor it will receive a double-height catering and retail space. There will be two small terraces on the 6th and 9th floors and a green roof. The new building, designed by A2M Architects, will of course be passive. German asset manager MEAG Munich Ergo is leading the project for DKV Belgium.

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