Strategic alliance between JLL and Miebach consulting in the field of real estate logistics and supply chain

Tim Harrup

The latest move in the logistics domain sees advisor and broker JLL join forces with Miebach Consulting, a German company operating in the logistics engineering and advisory field. They have announced a strategic commercial alliance in the field of real estate, technology, sustainable logistics and the transformation of the supply chain. The objective is to assist clients in elaborating and executing their logistics strategies.

While JLL is well known within our shores, Miebach is perhaps less so. The company does have, however, more than 24 offices across the world from which it develops and instigates strategies and solutions for the logistics chain (structure, process, installation…). The new offering being proposed by the JLL/Miebach partnership extends to the whole of the supply chain, including the financial element. Recourse to relevant data and to a decision-making process based on this, will be used to determine the strategic locations which best suit a client, and to set up flexible and effective supply chain solutions. Automation and digitalization are factors to be included in the determination of logistics strategies. The logistics domain has been put under increased pressure over recent times, the partners say, partly because of the growing emergence of e-commerce.

Commenting on his company’s latest move, Guy Gueirard, Head of JLL Supply Chain & Logistics Services, EMEA, says: “The link between the supply chain and real estate is now more important than ever. The pandemic has reminded us of the essential nature of logistics everywhere in the world and of the resilience of the supply chain for key sectors”. And Jürgen Hess, CEO of Miebach Consulting adds: “The expansion of multi-channel trading, of e-trading and of automation are all elements which bring with them a mutation in supply chains, production, storage and distribution”.

While watching this video, you will better understand why is this alliance strategic and how activities of both company are complementary to be efficient in choosing and operating logistics real estate >>