Circularity is one of the priority of Befimmo for its ZIN in de No(o)rd project


The redevelopment of the WTC 1 and 2 towers in the Brussels North District, commissioned by Befimmo, is in full swing. CFE Contracting, with three subsidiaries Van Laere NV and BPC for the construction and VMA for the multi-technics, has started placing the pile foundation of ZIN, a multi-functional project that extends over an area of 110,000 m², including 73,000 m² of offices, 14,000 m² of housing, 16,000 m² of hotel, leisure facilities and shops.

The circular approach is central with the preservation of 65% of the existing WTC towers, which greatly reduces both the amount of waste during dismantling and the use of new materials for construction. In total, 95% of the material is retained, reused or recycled. And in addition, 95% of the new materials for the offices will be C2C certified.

Raymund Trost, CEO of CFE Contracting, stated: “T he real estate and construction sectors are still responsible for 38% of total CO2 emissions today”. ZIN is a catalyst for the circular economy in the construction sector and is the first project in Belgium to apply the principles of circularity on this scale. Raymund Trost goes on: “In this respect, ZIN will become a landmark for the companies of our group as well as the entire sector”.

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