Camino group brings together 12 construction and real estate companies

Spotted in @canalZ

A continuing decrease in the amount of new build is expected on the Flemish real estate market, with an increase in the renovation of existing buildings. Joost and Claudia Callens, the heads of construction company Durabrik, are responding to this by launching Camino. In their interview with Kanaal Z, they explain what Camino is: a holding company that brings together construction and real estate companies:

- Durabrik (build)
- Istoir (development) - Victor (renovation)
- Ecopuur (energy projects) - PlanE (renovation)
- Durabrik invest
- Durabrik Publieke Samenwerking (DPS) (Build)
- Miix (town planning / architecture
- In the Yard (Offices and meeting centre)
- Ebenti (wooden interior fitting)
- …

This holding company will ensure that expertise flows better among the various constituent parts. And this is also a well-thought out move in view of the construction shift, which is without any doubt coming.

Watch the interview broadcast on KanaalZ >>