The future of retail: a hybrid store integrating retail and logistics in an era of omni-channel real estate


An interesting video from CBRE Retail explores what the hybrid store of the future could look like, combining retail and logistics real estate; the stores become the last-mile fullfilment centres for online orders. The virtual store shows how technology, a customer-focused layout and omni-channel considerations are shaping the shop.

View in this video, the virtual reality of tomorrow hybrid store: >>

Some features characterizing the hybrid and future-proof store:

- a click & collect shopping experience is made possible by dedicated spaces in the car park; these spaces offer convenient order fulfillment without crowding the store entrance.

- a designated pick-up and return area in the store, keeping the in-store shopping experience smooth and uncluttered. Self-service is also available with digital standing boards and accompanying lockers.

- via standing smart mirrors, shoppers can also virtually try on clothes and accessories, promoting efficiency and cleanliness. These two specifications are particularly important during a sanitary crisis such as we have now been experiencing now for more than a year and which could happen again in the future.

- checkout areas provide flexibility for shoppers to pay for merchandise either via a sales adviser or via self-service kiosks. Contactless payment methods increase the efficiency of the checkout process.

- back of house area with access for store workers only: a space for storage, sorting and packing, shipping and receiving. Order picking is facilitated by the automation of part of the process with, for example, racking systems and conveyers. Inventory is properly maintained using inventory optimization technology.

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