The proptech Syndic4You bought by the largest Belgian syndic

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At the start of the covid health crisis, Geoffroy Uyttenhove,Valentin Bertrand and Sverre Massaert created Syndic4you, an online platform useful to manage small multi-owner buildings, mainly apartment buildings. Barely a year later, the Louvain-La-Neuve-based proptech organization has been acquired by the Vande Moortel Real Estate (VRME) group.

VMRE is particularly active in the management of multi-owner buildings in Flanders and Brussels via its subsidiaries Syncura and Easy Syndic. With more than 3,000 residential and commercial buildings under management, VMRE holds a leading position in the professional property management market in Belgium. Thomas Van de Moortel, CEO of Syncura, immediately saw the acquistion opportunity to be seized: He explains “We were working on a similar platform. When we saw the Syndic4You product, we immediately thought it was what we needed.” This led to there being barely a month between the first contact and the signing for the agreement for the acquisition of Syndic4you by VMRE!

VMRE is buying the totality of Syndic4You from its five shareholders. The group will inject one million Euros into the start-up to support its development. Syndic4You retains the autonomous management of the company and will benefit from the group’s support for marketing, finances, human resources, etc.A Syndic4You office will be opened in Flanders to attack the market in the north of the country. In a second phase, VMRE plans to expand into neighboring countries.

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