From IFMA to Belfa for the Belgian FM association

Spotted in @profacility

After 20 years of existence, IFMA Belgium is making a strategic decision.The Belgian professional association bringing together facility managers, has broken free from the IFMA international association and intends to strengthen its roots independently in Belgium, in becoming Belfa. Tanja Barella, managing director of the association explains why:

" IFMA Belgium Chapter has existed for 20 years within IFMA International, headquartered in Houston. The professional association is structured as a Belgian non-profit organization. We currently have around 1,000 members, 13 of which benefit from international membership through a direct contribution to IFMA International. 3 years ago IFMA Europe was founded and IFMA International then informed us that local members should join IFMA International, in addition to their local membership. In Europe, this was not the case until recently.

Membership of IFMA International costs around 185 Euros. As the amount of 185,000 Euros was too high, IFMA International offered us an alternative in the form of an annual percentage of the turnover of our members.Concretely, this would have represented 10% in the first year. The amount would then gradually increase to 27% in the fourth year. Following a a telephone survey, it transpires that our members have little interest in international membership. So a choice had to be made. Either pass the costs on to the members, with a risk of termination, or bear the costs. We believe that we can better devote this money to a strong local association."

This has led to the new name Belfa for the Belgian Facility Association, with new branding based on the three key attributes of the association: ‘exchange, expertise and evolve’. This more than ever focuses on the specific needs of the Belgian market.

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