Future-proof 'Square 42' office building to be developed by Atenor in Belval

Tim Harrup

Works on 'Square 42' (named after the plot on which it is located) are scheduled to start in 2022, following the lodging of the permit request in June of this year. The building will offer 20,350 m² of offices with 1,250 m² of retailing on the ground floor. Atenor describes the project as both unique and strategic. It is positioned at the crossroads of what the developer calls the ‘main office boulevard’ (Porte de France) and the ‘main pedestrian shopping street’ at the future Central Square and the entrance to the Belval site at Esch-sur-Alzette, to the south west of Luxembourg city.

In terms of its architectural and functional construction, Atenor (which is developing the building in conjunction with Agora) goes on to say that it will be both sustainable and flexible, and will feature large office floors. It is targeting two certifications – BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and WELL ‘Gold’. The façade openings will react to the position of the sun, which has been greatly taken into account by the architects. There will be (obligatory) planted roofs and other vegetation at different points of the building. A special façade paint, state the architects, captures and crystallizes car exhaust fumes.

Future-proof 'Square 42' office building to be developed by Atenor in Belval The volume of the building (designed to accept large or small occupants) is set by the masterplan, drawn up by Dutch bureau KCAP. A previous project on the site by architects Moreno Architecture & Associates, explains Stefano Moreno, helped the firm in designing the final project with the help of their partners A2M. Sebastian Moreno-Vacca of the same firm also states (as quoted by paperjam.lu) that there is a certain amount of liaison with the developers of other buildings in this zone, to ensure coherence in terms of such factors as parking and external liaisons.

This is the second time in the past few weeks that Atenor has announced a major new project in Luxembourg, following that scheduled for the city centre.