Realty back in September and in Brussels

Tim Harrup

In announcing the return of Realty, organizers Easyfairs (Mathieu Van Marcke and his team) start by saying that the Realty summit was cancelled in March 2020, based on expert recommendations. But that was then. They say that now the finish line is in sight, vaccinations are running smoothly and European group immunity levels are expected to hit 70% by July.

Describing the Realty team as being full of confidence, the organizers then go on to detail that the next Realty summit will take place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 September 2021. And echoing what all of those in the real estate industry are doubtless thinking, they describe this as the perfect opportunity for everyone who’s yearning to see each other and get back to business! This edition will take place in Brussels at the Tour & Taxis exhibition centre. And the choice of the Gare Maritime hall is, they confirm, anything but a coincidence. This beautiful building offers the space needed for 2,000 people to attend an event in complete safety.

In terms of content, within the conference programme there will be ten current themes explored. These include the issues surrounding building permits, the office market after Covid-19, the rapid rise of the residential rental market and the impact of circularity.

New structural partners, the organizers conclude by saying, would like to involve the public sector more and raise the show’s visibility in the media. And finally, there will be smart packages to offer Realty partners maximum support in the pursuit of their own development goals. There is also a call for potential partners to contact the organizers and discuss how they could be involved.

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