Debate for the possible urbanization of Brussels Josaphat wasteland

Spotted in @lecho

Following the abandonment of the Schaerbeek-Evere rail marshalling yard in the 1990’s, this disused 24 hectare Josaphat site, inaccessible to the public, naturally became vegetated. Some people dream of making it a Brussels Zwin, but the PS had another vision. On one of the last large land reserves in the Brussels Region it wished to to urbanize the Josaphat wasteland and achieve some of its social housing objectives, this in view of the fact that, according to Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, 47,000 families are waiting for social housing.

This is another example of the debate raging on concerning the PAD’s which make it possible to derogate from the regional land use plan (PRAS & PPAS) as well as from town planning regulations. For some, they become tools for massive densification, cutting out public participation for the sole benefit of real estate developers. Through the UPSI association, these developers also criticize the PAD’s and the stagnation they engender: “This is where we are supposed to develop projects, but given the opposition between the municipalities and the Region and between members of the government, the politics are going nowhere. And in the end, developers are targeting projects outside these areas ...

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