Aedifica upgrades Belgian homes

Tim Harrup

The renovations to be carried out by Aedifica to part of its Belgian care home portfolio will include, among other things, the creation of new care wards and common living areas, the renovation of bathrooms and the optimisation of wheelchair access. In addition to these improvements to increase the social sustainability of the buildings, Aedifica says it is also focusing on environmental sustainability and is investing in the improvement of the energy efficiency of the buildings. It will also install energy-efficient systems such as solar panels and cogeneration (CHP) units, new windows, replacement insulation and new ventilation systems to optimise air circulation.

Stefaan Gielens, CEO of Aedifica, comments: “Aedifica is investing approx. €47 million in the redevelopment of 8 care homes in Brussels. Thanks to this investment, we will improve these buildings’ sustainability. High-quality care can therefore be guaranteed in anticipation of the ageing wave that we expect – in Brussels – from 2026 onwards. After having previously closed an agreement in 2020 with the German operator Vitanas for the acquisition and repositioning of several existing care homes (mainly) in Berlin, we are today starting a similar future proofing project with Orpea for eight Brussels care properties from our portfolio. The repositioning of existing healthcare real estate offers Aedifica significant development potential for the future (in terms of upgrading its own portfolio but also as a source of new acquisitions). After all, the real estate challenges of the healthcare sector in Europe in terms of renovation, redevelopment and future-proofing of existing care properties are considerable.”