Dewaele announces Sofie Spriet as new CEO and sets out expansion plans

People on the move
Tim Harrup

There have been moves at the top of Dewaele Vastgoed, which describes itself as one of the largest independent real estate group in Belgium. It has announced that it is scheduling an expansion of the number of offices it has in the country from 43 to 70 over the next five years. The company has also announced that current COO Sofie Spriet is named as the new CEO.

In this position, Sofie Spriet, who is 36 and has been with the company for eight years, takes over from Filip Dewaele who assumes the position of Chairman of the Board. He has been CEO for the past 14 years. Explaining some of the company’s thinking, Filip Dewaele says: “The days when a Belgian bought a home and lived in it until the end of his days are over for good. People now change their homes several times in their lifetime and the covid-19 crisis has only accentuated this trend over recent months. And at Dewaele Vastgoed we are also adapting our strategy to this changing situation. From the first steps you take on the rental market as a nest-leaver to the moment you arrange the transfer of your property to the next generation, you can always contact one of our specialists for this. We want to guide our customers for a lifetime in all decisions they make in the field of residential, investment and commercial real estate. In order to make this possible, we will continue to focus fully on proximity, thorough advice and the development of additional high-quality real estate solutions in the coming years.”

Additionally, Dewaele Vastgoed has been demonstrating its growth ambitions by undertaking a number of takeovers, thus strengthening its anchorage in Flanders and Brussels. The most recent of these has been NOA Real Estate in the Brussels Region at the beginning of the year. Dewaele Vastgoed also says that along with the vast increase in the number of offices, it is setting out on a path of substantial digitalization of its operations. Its activities are carried out under a number of brand names along with its corporate identity, including, Van der Build, Turner and De Syndic.