Major housing development for Tielt

Tim Harrup

A major housing development has been announced in Tielt in West Flanders. Immobel and Dumobil have obtained planning permission for the development of a completely new green area in the town. Both the town and provincial councils have approved the parceling of this housing project. Sustainable housing units will be combined with the creation of a vast new park. The start of the work is planned for the autumn of 2021.

Project developer Immobel has indicated that it is to create a park surrounded by bespoke homes. There will be 106 houses and 88 apartments. The total surface area amounts to some 30,000 m² within 48,000 m² of parkland. This development means that the town of Tielt will see its population increase by around 1,000 inhabitants over time. The latest official population figure for Tielt (2018) is around 20,000, so a development of this size will have a substantial impact. The various living units will conform to the strictest insulation and energy norms and will be designed, say the developers,to blend harmoniously with the surrounding countryside. The new park, with numerous wild flower beds and more than 300 oak, lime and other indigenous trees, are also part of the plans.

There will also be attention paid to sustainability and mobility. The development will benefit from a central location, close to the town centre and to Tielt railway station. Immobel states that it is creating a completely new green area. The Marialoop stream meanders through the park, alongside which walking, jogging and cycling trails will be situated. These trails will connect the neighbourhood to the nearby railway station and town centre. Immobel speaks of ‘of future-oriented mobility’. Toon Honings, Development Director of Immobel Home, comments: “The park, which covers almost 5 hectares, forms the heart of this unique living project. This project is an example of our philosophy of sustainable living. Furthermore, it reflects our goal of creating a sustainable, high-quality urban environment for the people who live and work there.