New care home in Juprelle for Cofinimmo

Tim Harrup

Cofinimmo has announced that it has acquired a company which owns a plot of land in Juprelle (Liège Province). The developer has indicated that it intends to build a new nursing and care home on the site. The investment budget (including the plot of land and the works) amounts to approximately19million Euros. The nursing and care home is already pre-let.

The future nursing and care home to be constructed by Cofinimmo will be part of a residential care campus where assisted-living units are also scheduled, and will be located near the centre of Juprelle, in the province of Liège. A bus stop approximately200 meters from the home will ensure accessibility to the site. The construction of this new nursing and care home meets the growing demand in the region for additional and modern residential care capacityfor dependent elderly people.The new nursing and care home will offer approximately 119 beds, spread over a surface area of approximately7,000m².

The building will meet all the current energy standards and sustainability requirements. Modern and sustainable materials as well as the latest techniques (LED-lighting, reuse of rainwater, system D ventilation, etc.) will be used. Construction works will start shortly, within the framework ofa turnkey project. The delivery of the construction works is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

Korian Belgium will operate the new nursing and care home as from delivery of the works. Within this context, a contract has been concluded for a fixed term of 28 years. Korian Belgium (formerly Senior Living Group) is part of the Korian group. This group is active in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom and has more than 57,500 employees and 525,000 patients and residents internationally. Within Belgium, Korian can point to some 13,000 residents in different locations spread throughout Belgium, and to 700 employees

The operating group’s vision is said to focus on the ‘quality of life’ of each resident and employee. To achieve this, Korian follows a positive care programme based on the ‘Active Ageing’ concept of the World Health Organisation, which sees ageing as a positive factor. The group’s vision of care is also strongly driven by new technologies.