REALTY will address real estate hot topics next week

Tim Harrup

Following a year and a half without property exhibitions, two which are of great interest to the Belgian real estate industry are making their return this month. Mipim has taken place last week in Cannes, and next week on September 21 and 22 will be by the new look Realty. This exhibition and summit has moved from Knokke back to Tour & Taxis in Brussels, but this time in the new award-winning ‘Gare Maritime’. will be present at both events, and will report on topics, news and other interesting issues.

Now is an ideal time to take a look at some of the main topics to be presented/debated at Realty. The new format is very much high level conferences , debates and talks rather than physical stands, and organizers Easyfairs have announced no fewer than fourteen major themes. These include, for example, the 15 minute city, a vision for a decentralized urban area that allows residents to meet their daily needs within a quarter-hour walk or bike from their homes; the concept has been pursued as a means of cutting greenhouse emissions and boosting livability in a host of global cities. Then there is the Workplace after Covid, with the realization that covid has changed our working habits, begging the question of how this will impact surfaces and services. Tenants expect real estate and service solutions that are flexible and healthy for their employees.

A major trend across the globe at the moment is the Sustainable City, and the fact that today’s cities need to quickly adapt. They need resilience against climate change, they use technology and data to measure their growth impact, they adopt circularity to become less destructive and they embrace adaptive reuse with respect for their past. And with ‘Living’ being on investors’ agendas nowadays, the topic of Affordable Housing will also be covered. It is apparent that a new entrant is opening up the housing market. Private organisations raise money on the stock market to build and finance tailor made building which are then leased for 30 years by local collectivities. How will this affect climate, mobility and affordability?

All of the other topics, such as the Rental Market Shift, the Rise of Asset Management and of course ‘Wood Constructions’ can be found on the Realty website, where registration details are also presented.