Wooden: well-being at the heart of the project


The ‘Wooden’ project in Luxembourg by IKO Real Estate and BPI Real Estate has already been in the news for its innovative character. The developers, along with architects ArtBuild Architects, have just released a short video which explain the building philosophy behind this offices development. ‘Wooden’ is the first wood building of any size to be constructed in Luxembourg, and is for the future occupation of La Bâloise Assurance.

The objective of this use of wood is sustainability and of occupants’ well-being”, states Arnaud Regout, CEO of BPI Luxembourg and Woodshapers. For his part, David Roulin, Head Architect and CEO at Art Build says that he opportunity to take part in this architectural completion was very stimulating: “ These are two developers who wish to innovative and push out the boundaries of research ”.

One of the specific features of this project is said to be that it concentrates on the occupants rather than on the building itself. The surroundings, the terraces and other features add to the feeling of well-being, and in turn make for more productive employees.In other words a win-win situation for employer and employee alike. Natural materials, vegetation etc. lead to an atmosphere where there is less stress at work and a positive impact on the company culture among others.