Central Square in Belval takes shape

Tim Harrup

In Luxembourg, details of a major phase of the ‘Central Square’ development at Belval have just been released and published by paperjam.lu. The development in question, currently referred to by the designation ‘lot 44’, will be a mixed use complex including a 9-storey tower. The developers and architects are Tralux Immobilier and Valentiny hvp Architects respectively. Engineering bureaux Simon Christiansen and BSC are also involved.

The development of lot 44 will be right in the heart of the new Central Square district and will include residential accommodation, retailing and offices. The 9-storey tower with a podium unit will represent an entrance statement for the new district. It will be, as paperjam points out, rectangular and measure 54mx70m.

Where the retailing is concerned, this will of course be at street level and total seven units. These are being designed to have a clear height of 5m, which enables the construction of a mezzanine level (and thus more sales space) if required. The different parts of the complex are all surrounded by a sort of walkway in the form of vaults, giving the whole a common identity. The 9-storey tower and its adjoining 6-storey building will be used for residential accommodation, with a total of 55 apartments amounting to 6,362 m². A feature of the residential part of the development is a planted interior courtyard garden.

The final function of the new development, in a separate building, will offer just over 13,000 m² of office space over 5 levels. As paperjam goes on to say, this could be used by a single occupant or up to 15 different bodies, with an employment potential of 1,000. To aid these employees where mobility is concerned, an underground car park will accommodate 337 cars.

Along with the interior garden, a number of green areas are being scheduled for the surroundings. There will also be photovoltaic panels and rainwater recuperation (for use in the sanitary installations). Provisional delivery of the complex is expected in 2025.