Spacewell white paper on ROI of smart workplace investments

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With hybrid working on the rise, most executives expect to update their real estate portfolio. According to Gensler research, 83% of corporate real estate executives rank space utilization as the most important metric for making effective workplace decisions, while a recent CBRE survey found that 80% of occupiers expected to reduce their office footprint over the next 3-5 years.

But companies looking to improve their workspaces are grappling with a range of pressing investment questions. After all, they obviously want to support work at home just as much as they do in the office. They want to optimize occupancy, avoid space waste, and provide a positive work experience with fit-for-purpose spaces. With so many new priorities emerging, the question that arises is: which investment will yield the greatest return on investment?

Smart workplace systems, which include hardware and software solutions that physically improve the workplace and streamline the way work is done, are more cost-effective than they used to be. But the investment can still be significant ¬– including the considerable time commitment of real estate and IT teams evaluating the various options.

To help companies in this process, Spacewell has published a white paper providing insight into the potential benefits of one subset of smart workplace technologies, namely workplace analytics platforms that capture, process, analyze and visualize space monitoring data.

The white paper offers a three-step process that allows potential investors to estimate their potential gains:

1. Determine the optimization scenarios that apply for each part of your portfolio
2. Gather relevant inputs both from internal sources as well as publicly available resources such as benchmarking data (e.g., Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Occupier Metrics database and JLL’s Occupancy Benchmarking research reports)
3. Use those inputs to calculate either ROI or technology break-even estimates to guide decision-making

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