Five architecture bureau will team up to build Lakeside on Tour & Taxis site


The Tour & Taxis project is continuing with its spectacular development path. Along with the ongoing constructions/renovations, site owner Nextensa announced a major new second residential programme, to be given the evocative name ‘Lakeside’. An architectural competition launched in collaboration with the Brussels Master Architect pursued the objective of designating various bureau, each to be mandated with a part of the new development.

Nextensa has unveiled today the five Laureates among 46 candidates from 8 countries: Binst Archjitect, Cobe, Effekt, HUB Architecture & Urbanism and POLO Architects. These architectural bureau will team up with Rotterdam bureau MVRDV – author of the masterplan, acting as what is referred to as an ‘Urban Supervisor; and Bureau Bouwtechniek NV – the designated executive architect – to make Lake Side another exemplary development in addition to the Tour & Taxis neighborhood. Each parcel to be developed by the selected architects will be of a size between 8,000 and 20,000 m².

One of the objectives of the new development is that it should be a ‘five minute district’. Aurelien Gillet, development manager at Nextensa, explains that this means that everything required by inhabitants should be located within 5 minutes’ walk: children’s play areas, sports hall, local library, food market… There will also be a considerable amount of green space (Tour & Taxis already boasts a nine hectare park. Landscaping will be by Bureau Bas Smet.

The news of Lakeside development comes hot on the heels of other progress on the Tour & Taxis site. The main residential towers from Park Lane - the first residential zone - are emerging from the ground and the apartments are being actively marketed. The Gare Maritime has already attracted not only some major tenants (Accenture, Publicis, Regus, BSS/Bosch and soon ‘Bruxelles Formation) and lots of events have taken place during the summer including last September the Realty Summit.