H.I.B joins forces with coliving specialist Colonies to expand rental options

Didier Van Den Eynde

The coliving new rental concept is becoming increasingly popular and encountering massive growth. This trend represents an opportunity to expand for Home Invest Belgium, specialised in residential rental real estate. The company is therefore joining forces with French coliving expert Colonies. Sven Janssens, CEO of Home Invest Belgium, underlines: “The coliving new rental approach not only complements our current offering but also features flexible rental terms – perfect for tenants looking for flexible short and medium-term accommodation. By joining forces with Colonies, we can also guarantee our tenants hassle-free living and a user-friendly rental process powered by digitalisation and automation

The new partners will start their collaboration with the RQE project located in the heart of the Brussels European district (4,500 m²). H.I.B has signed a nine-year lease with Colonies to operate 24 coliving units (around 1,000 m²) in the Stevin building. It iscurrently undergoing a total renovation and completion is scheduled for the beginning of next year. In this coliving residence shared spaces will include large kitchens, dining rooms, lounge areas with bar and a very large garden which is extremely rare in central Brussels.

Sven Janssens goes on: “After completion, our RQE project will have something for everyone, from small to large apartments, ranging from highly flexible leases for coliving arrangements to medium or long-term leases for our conventional apartments”.

A French pioneer in the coliving housing solution

Colonies was founded in 2017. This French scale-up has grown very quickly. The coliving operator is leveraging the coliving concept in response to demand from young urbanites who want their own studio, while living in a residential environment where they have privacy but can make efficient use of large shared living spaces such as the living room, gym, cinema, outdoor spaces …) and enjoy a lively atmosphere with their flatmates.

Colonies operates pricipally in France and Germany. The company has a portfolio of more than 80 buildings and 8,000 coliving units in operation or under development. Colonies now aims to become a leading player in Belgium. The company recentlymade a first step in Brussels with Eaglestone’s Twin Falls conversion project to turn obsolete office buildings into an urban mixed complex. Colonies is here to operate a coliving residence of 2,750 m². Now the company is taking its second step with Home Invest Belgium.

François Roth, founder and CEO of Colonies,comments on this collaboration: “As a partner in the RQE project, we find the relevance of the Brussels market and the location of the Stevin building, to be a great opportunity. Together with Home Invest Belgium, we are delighted to have a chance to apply the strength of our model: renovating outdated buildings in order to provide accommodation that is ideally suited to the needs of young urban dwellers.